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Trolling with Planer Boards Covers More Water

Planer Boards

Planer Boards

Catch More Fish

Trolling with Planer Boards | Spread Out!

We hope you enjoy catching more fish.  By using our Planer Boards that is exactly what you’ll do.

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Planer Boards

Ocean, Lakes, Rivers…

The uses for Planer Boards are endless.  From freshwater to saltwater… Catch More Fish

Make sure to check out our Tactics Page for the best tips and help in setting your Planer Boards up correctly.

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Each Waterbugz Planer Board is Hand Crafted in Statesville North Carolina.
We pride ourselves in producing the best value in a Planer Board on the market.
Building a Planer Board



Currently Waterbugz Planer Boards can be found in over twenty five stores throughout the Southeast.
If you are interested in carrying our Planer Boards, please let us know by going to the Contact Page.

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